Although I speak both Mandarin and English, art is my first language – the way in which I most enjoy communicating with the world. My artistic training was in various mediums: Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, woodcarving, and animation.

In medical school my scientific studies of the human form furthered my interest in it artistically. I was the illustrator for two medical books I have written. I try to take this understanding to all forms of nature, to capture not only an image, but also a sense of place, purpose, and the passage of time in my art.

The reason I paint and choose oil as my medium is that I am profoundly moved by the sophisticated yet subtle ability of the oil paint brush to express colors, ambiance, and emotions. The oil works of classical British, Dutch and Russian painters inspire me. In particular, I find the loose strokes and non-obvious color harmony of John Singer Sargent and Nicolai Fechin fascinating. My focus is landscapes, as the natural environment often stuns me, surprises me, and the outdoor world allows me a chance to inject my own sensation into a painting.