Patricia Gauthier

I live in historic Fort St James, the original birthplace of British Columbia. I live with my husband on Ridgeview Ranch, a working cattle ranch where we have worked side by side as partners. I was raised on a farm in Sorrento near Shuswap Lake in the central part of BC and went to school in Salmon Arm. My mother was of first nation descent, Sewepemec (Shuswap) nation and my father of Scottish background. My life on the farm taught me to work hard, so that brought me further north to Fort St James where I got a job in a sawmill jacking boards and running the d-barker. I quit the mill to raise my children but it also brought me back to painting , it was a wonderful time in my life. I had painted while in school and even after my two children were born. My young son would set up his Lego’s under the easel including the family dog. It was a wonderful time in my life, but the demands of family and outside job became too much. Many years past and after major life changes I finally have come full circle finding the time to paint again.

My resurgence in the Art making has brought out a delight in exploring new mediums Watercolor, Acrylics, Pastels, Mixed Media back to Oils. To develop my skill I have been taking workshops with other professional artists. The internet, digital photography and computer monitor has made a huge difference but I still prefer to get out in the open air and feel the energy of the moment. Sometimes my husband and I go for horse pack trips in the fall, I bring my backpack of watercolors with me. He has been wonderfully supportive building a large studio/gallery on to the Ranchhouse. With a huge north facing window that overlooks the ranch and the mountains beyond, a spectacular and inspiring view, a place of my very own to create and share art.