Ken Faulks

I work both en plein air and in the studio.  Oil is my main medium and enjoy watercolour and acrylic as well.

I love the abstractness of paint and what a brush stroke or a blob of paint can do.  Painting en plein air is a great process.  It’s a challenging and satisfying one.

Although my work is generally representational, I also enjoy non-representational painting.

Whether painting en plein air or in the studio, the reference I’m painting from is only a starting point.  When done, the painting and more specifically the paint is what’s left to look at and consider.  I’m no  longer looking at a tree, a field, rocks, water or clouds. I’m looking at a painting… a three dimensional object.

At the end of the day, I consider the paint itself to be the subject.  Therefore, it’s important for the paint be doing something interesting, to engage the viewer and bring them back for more.