Jesi Barron

Jesi Keane Barron was born in Montreal Quebec 1934. She attended the art classes at the museum run by Arthur Lismer in the forties.
Her family moved to Victoria B.C. After the war where she continued her interest in the arts. Jesi spent a lot of time at the
Victoria Theatre Guild designing clothes for plays as well as being in a few. She Joined the R C A F in 1952. Her art played an
important part. Later she went to the Vancouver school of art 1962-4. Attended many workshops. In 1975 (as Robert Amos reports)
Jesi met Sid Barron, an artist destined to share her life. The two beachcombed together and painted, Jesi focussing on sea wrack and

Sid capturing kids playing in pools. When the National Archives, and then the Glenbow Museum, bought huge piles of Sid’s cartoon originals, the Barrons bought a VW van and hit the road.

Later they left Victoria and moved to Coombs where for ten years they held open house in their twin studios on an acre of rural prperty.
There they contributed to the success of the Old School House arts centre but longed to be back in Victoria.

“Any where would be better than up here in the winter,” Sid wrote to Robert Amos, “green and gray – no purple shadows on the snow.”